Thursday, 19 November 2009


Leadership of rebellions

Some rebel leaders eg Ket and Aske were more effective than others eg Perkin Warbeck and Wyatt and Essex.
Aske brought with him intelligence, skill in debating and argument and excellent organisational skills. He ensured that the rebels were well disciplined and appeared as an army as opposed to an uncontrollable rabble. He also came up with the name which proved to be a great piece of propaganda.
Other leaders were not so effective, Wyatt turned back when he reached London, even though he had been in a strong position and could possibly have defeated Mary. The Northern Earls were disorganised, had failed to keep in touch with their foreign counterparts and basically had no jurisdiction outside of their area. Finally, Essex displayed the actions of a desperate man in his attempt at a rebellion.
With effective leadership a rebellion had a greater chance of success. An effective leader needed to be able to rally the troops and keep them on side. Mary successfully achieved this during the Lady Jane Grey affair

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